Your conscious mind has a will, but your subconscious mind has the power.

Doing something with your conscious mind requires effort, whereas no effort is required to use your subconscious mind – it is essentially effortless.

Think about a time when you were learning how to do something….

Like driving a car. It took effort, right? Initially, you had to learn how much to press on the gas, brake pedal, etc. Then, after driving for some time, the conscious act of driving was relegated to the subconscious mind. It became automatic and you didn’t need to think about the mechanics so much. Now, you can practically do it on autopilot because it’s engrained into your subconscious thought pattern.

When the CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind are in HARMONY, you have WILLPOWER.

However, when your will (the conscious mind) and your imagination (the subconscious mind) are in conflict, the subconscious mind ALWAYS wins.

When you know how to influence and control your subconscious mind, you will use your new understanding of how your mind works so that your conscious mind can stimulate the subconscious.

The problem with new year resolutions is that a year can seem like a big undertaking.

You make a resolution on the 1st without a set plan in place and then days, weeks, and months pass by… Then the conflict of the mind starts to set in saying things to yourself like, “I can always start tomorrow…”

Try to think of the “bigger picture” in small increments.

The BIG picture allows us to see our desired vision and not be scared of the day-to-day challenges and setbacks that occur because we can see the big picture clearly.

The SMALL picture allows us to work toward that long term goal in smaller, more attainable increments. It allows for reviewing and plan pivoting as needed.

The cost of not doing reviews to attain a goal is that you rely on willpower alone. Without regular reflection, we can’t extract the lessons from our struggles or replicate our successes. The review offers you an opportunity to look at your goals, intentions and desires, and assess what worked and what didn’t work.

Many people are held back by their own limiting beliefs.

To succeed in having your unconscious mind become your greatest ally, we’re going to reprogram your outdated beliefs and replace them with updated language software.

To successfully attain a goal you desire, set up a review every 30 days with me. We will reflect on your goals, assess, and then pivot accordingly.

Discover the strength inside you to overcome obstacles, achieve success, and create results.

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