Hello Friends,

This is one of my first blogs in a long time. Part of the hiatus is because I know personally how swamped my email box is from joining email lists, many of which I barely get through. I read a quote:

“There’s nothing more precious than someone’s time and attention.”

Initially, I created a limiting story around this which precluded me from writing & then it occurred to me…

That quote is the actual framework of how I created a successful coaching practice for personal growth & professional development – I value communication & I LOVE connecting with people, one at a time.

And so, I’m back at it and truly thrilled you’re here. I consider it a privilege that you’re reading my blog posts.

I’ll be sharing articles, video clips & insights that will challenge your perspective in life, a.k.a., your “representation of the world.”

Exploring how you see things, how you engage or participate in and communicate with yourself and others.

Discover new opportunities and limitless possibility to operate at a higher level.

I look forward to sharing and connecting with each of you. I personally read each and every message I receive and value your feedback.

Welcome to Flexible Mindset Strategies! Cheers to being extraordinary!

Love, Karen Dubi, Mentor & Life Coach at Flexible Mindset Strategies

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“I work with people like yourself. People who crave more and dare to do the very thing they are afraid to do. I like to uncover that protective safe place of not taking action – and discover how to navigate through it.”

– KD