Karen Dubi, life coach Long Island talks about goal-setting vs intention-setting

The difference between goal-setting vs intention-setting : While goals typically focus on future outcomes, intentions focus on the present.

Right now, I am committed.
Right now, I am empowered.
Right now, I am inspired.

No one can set an intention for you other than yourself. Intentions are catalysts for change because they identify how you want to feel in the present moment.

I recently worked with a client whose goal was to build her photography consulting business.

Initially, her goal was to collaborate with wedding venues and be an “in house” photographer for all booked affairs. During our deep coaching sessions, we discussed the goal behind the goal – her passions, her purpose and her intention. Her desire to connect with brides and grooms and deliver beautifully captured moments to last a lifetime. She wanted to provide each couple with the gift of special memories above everything else.

Did you catch it? Her intention was to deeply connect, create and provide.

The goal was to collaborate with wedding venues, while the intention was to create a deep connection.

Guess what happened? COVID happened… and a complete halt on the wedding venue plan. Parties postponed, celebrations cancelled, circumstances completely shifted. The wedding venue goal was not a viable business model for her – indefinitely.

Her options were to either sit this year out, or (as we like to do in one-on-one coaching) go deeper. Deep enough to explore the intention behind that goal, and to create a new way for her to still serve with that same passion and purpose. Connect with couples – the part she truly cares about.

The decision to pivot her plans and offer her service directly to the brides and grooms – a COVID-safe outdoor photo session, creating magical memories in beautiful locations during unprecedented times.

Her goal included things which were beyond her control. Upon clarifying her intentions, we were able to reverse engineer a strategy and a new plan with new opportunity. Her intentions were based on how she wanted to feel – a deep connection with brides and grooms.

To date, she has delivered over 40 wedding photo shoots and her business is thriving. All on her own terms.

When you consider what you need to do in order to feel how you want to feel, you can actualize the process beginning immediately.

Goals are valuable. They are akin to a map – an overview of the destination. The secret behind a goal is to not be attached to the outcome. Instead, ask yourself, who would I have to be to create this goal?

Goal-setting vs Intention-setting:

WHO YOU BECOME is the ultimate value of goal-setting.

It becomes a place to COME FROM rather than a place to get to.

Intentions are more like a compass – leading you (on a daily basis) in the direction based on how you want to feel every step of the way. Think of intentions as your unique coordinates.

“The road to success is always under construction.”

There are outside forces that will be detours along the way. But your intentions NEVER have roadblocks.

Ask yourself, “What will I need to do on a regular basis to align with how I want to feel?”

Identify how you want to feel, and you will be compelled to lead yourself with a greater sense of certainty toward the destination than by relying on willpower and goal-setting alone.

Update your intentions and begin celebrating your journey, NOW.

Love, Karen

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Karen Dubi, Mentor & Life Coach, Flexible Mindset Strategies