Why do some people succeed more quickly than others? How is it that some outperform others & sustain success? Well, the good news is that these people aren’t simply born achievers or high performers. It’s fair to say that some are naturally more inclined, but they didn’t become that way by accident or by birthright.

It is learned behavior, and fortunately, we are all capable of becoming high performers.

Why do some succeed faster than others? 5 habits of high performers.

Consider a time when you crushed a goal, aced a test, or reached a new personal record… Suffice it to say, you’ve experienced moments of peak performance.

My belief is that everyone is extraordinary, and it is my job to help draw that out from my clients.

As a coach, I work with extraordinary achievers who at some point have plateaued, lost passion, or experienced burnout. They’re unsure how to replicate or scale their level of success.

How is it that some continue to rise while others consider it to be out of their reach?

Many fail to recognize their own extraordinary aspects because they spend most of their lives doing what they think they’re supposed to do. To ‘fit in’, people settle into ordinary.

They want to improve a part of their life yet limit their vision.

They want to scale up, but they’re too stressed to take it on.

They put in the work, but still do not break through.

They are driven, but unsure what to do next.

We all have our own definition of personal success. For some, success is a job title, for others, it’s financial wealth, or health, and for some, success is an abundance of love.

Irrespective of what your individual ideas of success look like to you, it is a continuous process not a destination.

There is never a point where anyone reaches a limit or completely fulfills their potential. We can always improve and strive to do better.

Habits transform your effectiveness.

Use these 5 principles to develop habits of a high performer. These high-performance principles will give you that edge that leads to dramatic improvement and long term success.

  1. Vision: High performers are visionaries.

They visualize what they want more frequently than the general population by nearly 70%. High performers seek clarity consistently. They ask questions about who they want to be, how they would like to interact, what emotional qualities they want to feel, which opportunities will be best to focus on next. These questions help define what is meaningful and fulfilling.

  1. Energy: Generate energy to succeed.

Managing mental focus, physical stamina and emotional vibrancy is the foundation of any high performer. Our body is the place we metabolize our feelings. What we experience in the mind, we hold in the body. Learning to release what weighs you down and depletes you of energy & determining what people, places or things fill you up is the key to mastering energy. High performers generate energy. They don’t just have endless amounts of energy – they create it.

  1. Purpose: This is an emotional commitment.

Prioritizing things as a must rather than a should. Unlike a wish that you desire, it becomes a necessity that demands you take action – identifying what must occur to move the needle. High performers hold themselves to a standard of personal excellence coupled with external duty and obligation.

  1. Productivity & Efficiency: Time is a precious, finite resource.

High performers recognize busy work is not the same as life work. They have a very deliberate approach in planning their days, projects, and tasks with regularly schedules progress check-ins with appropriate breaks and reset prompts throughout the day.

  1. Impact: High performers serve, lead and influence people.

They are conscious of how they are impacting people and world around them and they want to be role models. Influencers are skilled at teaching others how to think and challenge themselves.

To develop high performance habits and long-term success, practice these 5 principles to change your life – implement them regularly & consistently. Repeat them over & over…. develop the habits of a high performer.

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5 habits of high performers - Karen Dubi, life coach in NY