One of the biggest challenges I hear repeatedly from people is a lack of time or inefficient time management.

I don’t have the time…
I ran out of time…
I can’t find the time…

The reality in today’s world, is that we all want to achieve great results within less time. “Time is money” as the saying goes.

Ideally optimize your time, in a manner that will yield the best RIO (return on investment) and idyllic results.

My clients are constantly juggling time with quality and cost, both personally and professionally, and they are trying to do this in a constant changing environment. Look no further for confirmation than the past year. Everyone has shifted, redirected and/or recreated a business model to deal with the global pandemic.

Regardless of how motivated you are about reaching a goal or pursuing meaningful work, without the proper leverage of your precious time, you will miss out on the opportunities that come your way.

Having a goal in mind with uncompromised results, it can feel like you are treading fast to stay above water. If you have poor time management, your emotional and physical bandwidth to act effectively will reduce productivity output and the diminish quality of your efforts.

Karen Dubi life coach NY

The good news that you don’t need more time. What you need is more flow.

A flow state is a way to subjectively slow down time. Steve Kotler, author of the book, The Art of Impossible, describes the flow state as an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best. It’s also a strange state of consciousness…

In flow, concentration becomes so laser-focused that everything else falls away. Action and awareness merge. Our sense of self and our sense of self-consciousness completely disappear.”

When you are in the flow, time management is irrelevant. Time constraints dissolve as you are absorbed in the moment.

The problem is that most people find flow on accident. Can you recall a time when you were so caught up in doing something that you lost track of time. That is flow.

But what if you could make flow more accessible? Like an automatic part of your day. You would exponentially increase your daily productivity. Essentially, if you could learn to flow on-demand, it would certainly be worth your time, wouldn’t you say?

I have learned to intentionally harness a flow state. It is simple, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy. It requires practice. If you want time on your side, then your greatest investment will be in self-mastery.

The crafts of meditation, mindfulness and yoga have been tremendously valuable in my life. It trained my focus, allowing me to become more easily absorbed in the present moment. A freedom from the typical concerns that can hold me back from being able to take massive action toward my goals.

How can you begin to access 10x productivity and freeing up your lack of time?

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