What would your life look like if nothing held you back?

What if EVERYTHING were exactly the way you wanted it to be?

What would this life look like for you?

We are all born confident. When we enter this world, we don’t have a limit as to what we are capable of. Somewhere along the way, we picked up negative beliefs about feeling undeserving, not worthy, not being good enough.

About that negative self-talk…

About that self-doubt…

About that lack of confidence…

It starts off as a simple statement, which then becomes the common narrative in our head. It lingers within us – affecting us day in and day out.

So much of what we know and do is dictated by sociocultural influences and by conditioning and habit. Most people live their lives based on limiting rules – many of which we don’t even know where they originated from.

What if you could reset your preconceived limiting notions & outdated beliefs?

Some limiting beliefs are obvious:
“I’m not good enough or smart enough or I’m too old, too big, too slow..”

Other limiting thoughts are more subtle:
“It’s not easy finding a job during the pandemic or if she is too pretty, she’s probably not a nice person.”

What’s unfortunate here, is that when someone has a limiting belief, they don’t even test that limit.

A woman who thinks she’s not qualified for the corporate position may never apply for the job.

A man who believes he’s not strong / athletic enough may never try out for the team.

These limiting beliefs will run our lives & prevent us from becoming who we wish to be, holding us back from doing things we want or having the things we desire to have.

As Tony Robbins says, “You always succeed in producing a result.”

In other words, the result you get is the result you’ve produced. Consciously or unconsciously, you get what you believe. It’s not meant to be harsh. Actually, knowing that you have created your results is quite powerful! If the results you’ve produced are not what you want, there’s a limiting belief in play.

So, what to do with these conditioned thoughts that get in the way of your next level of growth?

/ACE•it/: to accomplish something with success.

5-step process to successfully accomplish a change in your beliefs:

  1. Face it
  2. Trace it
  3. Erase it
  4. Replace it
  5. Embrace it

It’s very simple method, but it requires practice.

Where did this limiting belief come from?

Would you like to break free from it?

What might be a better thought in its place?

Practice the new narrative over & over until it becomes your truth.

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That’s right! You decide. You have the choice to claim back what’s rightfully yours and take back your power to experience unhindered confidence and unlimited potential.

You’ve got this! I believe in you. Live life like nothing held you back.

Love, Karen

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Karen Dubi, Mentor & Life Coach, Flexible Mindset Strategies