But first, we practice! Sometimes people will joke around and ask, “Why do you still have to practice yoga everyday, aren’t you already good at it after all these years?”

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Yes and no…
Am I more flexible? Yes
Am I more present? Yes
Self aware? Yes
Am I kinder, more patient, happier, healthier, more compassionate, focused, thoughtful? YES YES & YES

So why is it a “daily practice”? Because we are constantly growing and changing.

In yoga, we say there are 5 bodies:

Physical body

Mental body

Energetic body

Emotional body

Intellectual body

We are multi-dimensional, which is what makes us such complex beings. We need to continually work on each of these bodies (regularly) to withstand the natural changes and fluctuations we experience.

Discipline, dedication, devotion – this is how we strengthen all 5 bodies.

And we are better equipped to handle various obstacles and challenges that come our way.

I miss teaching. I am considering creating a beginner yoga series (once a week for 4 weeks, in-person in Dix Hills, NY). Would you be interested??

Let me know by contacting me!