CHALLENGE: let’s go! Four-Limb Power (you in??) In yoga, it is called chaturanga which means 4-limb-body. (2 arms, 2 legs 😉)

In western culture, it’s referred to as a push-up; push from the ground UP.

🦾The power is not just raw physical strength.
🦾The real power is cultivating steadiness.
🦾The ability to lift yourself up.
🦾The ability to hold yourself up in tough situations.
🦾To push-up, pick yourself up even when you’re down.

Mental focus & flexing your mental tenacity is the real power. One move – like a lever, you rise.

Mind + Body = Muscle Memory

Interestingly, I see students bypass this pose all the time. They flow through it, as if it is merely a transitional movement. Probably because it is hard. I get it, it’s challenging.

BUT if you want physical strength & mental fortitude, I encourage you to endure the moment. Pause, breathe, practice. Rest, regroup, and pick yourself back up again. Repeat.

Yoga is ALL about life lessons.

It is strength in a physical sense, and POWER in the Universal sense.

CHALLENGE: Post a photo of your 4-limb-pose & Tag me: @karen.dubi Tag a friend to join.
Can’t wait to see you in action!😉