Looking at things from different ‘angles’

Looking at things from different angles…
We ALL come in many shapes and sizes…

This particular topic hits home for me – BODY SHAMING.

As a teen, hormonal fluctuations, pre and post pregnancy, perimenopause… we go through changes physically and emotionally. Chasing happiness in a body we want and perhaps envy in others. I know this well. In fact, I devoted my entire career in pursuit of getting out of that prison cell of body shaming. It literally and figuratively is a heavy weight to carry.

I vowed to myself I will do whatever it takes to break the barrier, personally and also to empower others to do the same. Health and wellness – physically, mentally and spiritually is my life’s mission, and professionally, there are many containers to harmonize.

I can promise you this! You can have goals and desires AND be happy along the way.

Happiness and body appreciation is not the end point. It is the start. That is why I am creating a mastermind course with a brilliant colleague of mine Lenora Edwards to help YOU to stop the BS! Stop the Body Shaming!

Have your “goals” and eat it too!! Meaning – you should and must want more, and in your pursuit, be happy because you are fucking amazing right now!! We’ve got this! I got you!

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