They both thought they were right, and that is where they went wrong… What to do when you believe you have been wronged?

First instinct is “I am right.”
We see our point.

We believe we are correct and the other POV is obviously not. We see and feel our pain, and at the same time, we inadvertently disqualify their pain.

A wise man (my husband) has said many times, “would your rather be right or happy”?

What to do when you believe you have been wronged? Two things:

  1. Pause. There is a saying in in yoga, pratipakshabhavana, which means literally to, “see from the opposite lens.” Can you step out of your eyes, your lens, your POV and see from an opposite perspective? Play out the scenario from their eyes.
  2. Ask yourself if this specific conflict will really matter in 1 month, 6 months or some time down the road. Sometimes the little disputes are not worth fueling. And IF it would still matter at a future time, then you have a decision to make more than an argument to win.

Choose happy. Free yourself.

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