There have always been 2 things important to me

I always wanted a family. Being a wife and mother were paramount. Fortunately, I satisfied that with a super wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children. This is and continues to be the most rewarding role in my life. The second thing was I wanted to be involved in the Health Sciences. Though I didn’t know exactly in what manner, I knew it was related to helping people suffer less and feel better.

I began my career in the health sciences over two decades ago. Intuitively, I felt that there were alternative approaches to feeling better and attaining more balance and wellness. Fitness and nutrition were the basic building blocks that inspired my journey, and ultimately, I became a Registered Dietitian. I worked in several settings, both clinical and private practice, and I loved to help people feel better and develop tools and practices for improving their health, mindfully and physically.

Soon, yoga entered my path. What started out as a means of exercise ended up becoming the most significant aspect of my personal and professional journey. I experienced such transformation due to my daily yoga practice, and I knew there was some real magic happening. I distinctly remember the decision to take my first teacher training, which was such a profound experience and time of growth. I wanted to share with everyone all the amazing things I had learned. My first teacher told me, “you don’t need to tell people all the changes you are making. You just do the work, and the people around you will see the change”. And that’s how it unfolded.

I have dedicated over 15 years to yoga practice and study, countless hours of formal and continued yoga training, from traditional Hatha Yoga within the Krishnamacharya Lineage, Healing Yoga Therapy, philosophy study, Vedic chanting, meditation, pranayama and other various styles of yoga. My primary focus is Ashtanga Yoga, as originally taught by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois. In this method of practice, I find ALL the tools of Yoga transforming. I maintain a daily self-practice. Under the guidance of my teacher, David Garrigues, Certified Ashtanga Teacher, I continue to reach new depths of Ashtanga Yoga. An effective teacher must ALWAYS remain a student as well.

I have found that yoga helps to improve relationships. – how you communicate with yourself and with others. Teaching and sharing all the tools of yoga inspires me to help individuals. There are many different reasons why people turn to yoga. Be it strength, flexibility, stress management, anxiety, depression, improving balance and overall stability. In time, with patience and correct effort, yoga IS a healing system.
Given my dedication to yoga and nutrition, I was inspired to learn about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. After all, it is the sister science to yoga, and it embodies such a cohesive approach to health and optimal wellness. My career culminated with formal studies at Kerala Ayurveda Academy, wherein I became a Certified Ayurveda Health Practitioner.

In my recent years, I have experienced tremendous personal growth by working with a life coach. Since this made such an impact on me, I have enrolled in formal training as a life coach so that I could be of similar service, to be a beacon of light for a positive change and helping others in finding their purpose, build self-confidence and make positive change.

I have been studying, teaching, counseling, practicing and utilizing all that I have learned to better serve and educate people in achieving and maintaining health and harmony.

My vision has come full circle. Each of my formal studies has come together. I am grateful to all my teachers and educators that have supported me and continue to inspire me to pay forward the gift of healing and wellness.

~OM, Karen
Karen Dubi - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher - New York