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Weight Loss

Another day, another diet.
There’s got to be…. A NEW WEIGH

You are about to embark on a journey that will finally stop the cycle of emotional eating and help you reclaim the body and life you really deserve. This is about freeing yourself from the heavy burden and getting energy back into your body. Restoring balance with food and weight has a greater impact than anything else in life because food is such a vital part of everyday living.

When you learn how to align your emotions, the inner pressure that makes you look for all these distractions will start to disappear. Your behaviors will change, and naturally so will your body.

You will regain control in a variety of contexts and experience a renewed sense of confidence.

Surprisingly, it isn’t the weight or the food itself. The problem has been a constant battle between feeling like you need to starve or restrict yourself to look good, which perpetuates the cycle of overindulging in a way that results in feeling guilt and shame

Let me ask you this –

Don’t you find it easiest to commit to a diet on day one, and as the willpower wears down, it becomes harder to maintain the initial momentum?

You start with good intentions of dieting, shed a few pounds, and when you’re craving all the “forbidden” foods, all bets are off! The old, “I blew it – I will start again tomorrow” syndrome.

YOU did not fail – the diet failed you!

Diets don’t work…they are not sustainable. DIETS focus on the wrong thing!

In fact, science has proven that ~95% of diets are ineffective, and most people will regain the weight (often more) within a year.

IF a truly effective weight loss diet that offered verifiable long-term success existed, why would new diets be surging day after day, year after year?

Here’s why…               

Diets try to use logic for weight loss

Overeating is NOT logical.

The source of overeating is your Feelings & Emotions

In the battle between logic and emotion, emotions always win.

Using logic to beat your body into submission will not work.

“When you change the way you think about food, you change the way you eat”

A NEW WEIGH: Hypnosis for Weight Loss

A New Weigh is a client-centered weight loss program. It is not a “cookie cutter” approach. (yes, pun intended). It’s a process of deconstructing ideas and beliefs, which till now have caused you to feel defeat mentally, physical and emotionally.

I am excited to share over 30 + years of professional experience in dietetics, and more importantly, the transformations and massive skills to reprogram outdated beliefs and replace them with positive hypnotic suggestions to improve your relationship with health and wellness.

You will naturally feel motivated to let go of unhealthy habits that are no longer a match to how you want to feel.

Are you ready to embrace A NEW WEIGH?

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Confidence and Self-Esteem

Behind nearly every issue that people come to see me for has an underlying issue of confidence.

For example

The weight loss client filled with guilt & shame

The smoker uncertain they can actually quit

The performer afraid of being judged

The athlete not measuring up

The list goes on and on, but the common underlying theme – confidence and self-esteem.

The word “esteem” means to admire, to value or hold in high regard. Self-esteem is a gift of loving who you are, trusting yourself and feeling confident in your decisions.

More important than what other people think of you is what you think of yourself.

Confidence is not something people are born with – it’s something created. The more you develop your confidence, the more it produces a sense of certainty, a feeling of empowerment that YOU can accomplish what you set out to do.

As with all emotions, you can train yourself to feel more confident and have access to it in an instant.


Confident, successful people share a powerful attribute: SELF PRAISE.
Praise becomes what you accept.

  • They have developed the skill to cheer themselves on effectively and consistently
  • Negative, harsh, critical words do not permeate them
  • They block out rejection

“It’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power”

YOU can talk yourself into doing anything as easily as talk yourself out of it.
It’s your superpower or your kryptonite.
Words form your reality. Change your words. Change your reality.

It’s so natural for a young child swinging on a jungle-gym to say, “Look at me, I’m doing it!” Feeling so proud and worthy of the attention – they ask for it, and they get it.

Where does that go? When do we lose that?
When we develop the fear of being judged.

NOW, you can get that back. Reactivate your inner cheerleader.

Let go of negative beliefs and rewire your mind to install a phenomenal sense of confidence as your ally.

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Quit Smoking

What if I told you –

YOU can quit smoking easily and without craving cigarettes, would you?
Chances are you would.
Well if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then perhaps it’s time to finally quit…I mean really quit, once and for all!


! Statistics show that nearly 70% of adult smokers say that they want to quit smoking

! More than 50% of smokers have made an attempt to quit in the past year

! Yet the success rate of quitting on your own is less than 3% after a year

Hypnosis has been used for decades.

It is an effective way to quit smoking instantly, safely and without side-effects.

Combining hypnosis techniques and neural plasticity, millions of ex-smokers have been able to kick the habit for good

Evidenced-based research has demonstrated that hypnosis for smoking cessation is twice as effective than conventional methods such as nicotine gum, patches, tablets, sprays etc.

Neuroplasticity is a science term that refers to the brain’s ability to change, modify and adapt throughout life.

Hypnosis uses neuroplasticity to improve thoughts and behaviors.

Neuro-Hypnosis engages the subconscious mind to break bad habits, improve thinking, feelings and behavior.

Do you know what prevents most smokers
from attempting to quit?


Fear that “once a smoker always a smoker” will keep you trapped
Fear that there will be undetermined period of misery and withdrawal
Fear of craving and feeling deprived without smoking
Fear that social events and meals will no longer be enjoyable
Fear of not handling stress without a smoke
Fear that personality and identity will change

  • I am confident I can help you remove your concerns completely and lose your desire to smoke.
  • My goal for you is that you have the expectation that you will be an ex-smoker.

As early as our first session, you will leave with feeling confident that YOU WILL succeed.

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Break the Habit

Habits start to form during childhood and continue throughout adult life. We all adopt behaviors to serve our needs and we repeat the behavior when the need arises, thus developing habits.

Our subconscious mind fear the unknown so it tends to stick with what is familiar. For this reason, bad habits seem difficult to break.

Bad habits have negative implications and consequences, nonetheless, it develops to satisfy legitimate needs. Habits form as a coping mechanism to manage feelings.
Habits can be harmful to your physical well-being and negatively affect your mental health.

Smoking, drinking, overeating, nail biting, hair pulling are but a few examples of an attempt to self-medicate.
Negative self-talk, co-dependency, perfectionism, lying, procrastination become formed habits which heavily impact emotional wellness.

Through hypnotic tools and techniques, you will gain awareness and control over destructive habits and develop new behavior patterns that will replace the bad habit with positive strategies.

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Anxiety-Stress Relief / Overcoming Fears

We’ve all experienced it at some point! – episodes of panic.
Sweaty palms, barely able to think straight, stomach tied up in a knot, heart racing so fast it feels as if it is pounding out of your chest. Desperately wanting to run away – but where to?

Stress, anxiety, worry, fear – oddly enough, each of these are completely appropriate responses, IF there is a real-life threat or you are in harm’s way.

Chances are you experience these overwhelming feelings even at times when you are perfectly safe.

Fear and worry feed on itself, growing bigger and bigger. The “what if” thoughts rapidly escalade from small to catastrophic. These anxieties keep the mind spinning around with no solution in sight.

You may be surprised to learn that worry, fear and anxiety actually can become a habit.
Of course, there are genuine situations to feel fright, however, when it becomes generalized where it doesn’t belong, it clouds thinking. Whether the fear or worry is rational or irrational, it causes stress which impacts both the mind and the body.

The good news –
You don’t have to put up with it a moment longer. Let’s end anxiety/panic today and build on that success to anchor lasting change.



✓ Overcoming stress
✓ Living anxiety-free
✓ Letting go of fear and constant worry

Now, you can make it happen!

Contextual Hypnosis will help you.

Evidence based methods of hypnosis that are particularly beneficial in treating anxiety as well as the issues that people develop in response to panic and stress.

You will learn the power of being present and mindful in the moment and let go of being stuck in the past. It’s a simple approach, but the results are far from ordinary.

Metaphorically, you can’t drive a car looking through the rear-view mirror.

Of course, you’ll look back briefly, identify any blind spots, but the focus remains on the road ahead.

YOU are in the driver’s seat, feeling comfortable and easeful NOW. From our very first conversation, you are ready to take the wheel!

We don’t hope or try. It’s a pedal to the medal and a encode an updated navigation system to get you there!

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Here’s what people are saying:

I have suffered with anxiety for most of my adult life. After my first session, I felt calmer and ease than I had in who knows how long! Karen taught me some excellent self-hypnosis to do between our sessions, and I am really feeling much better. I highly recommend Karen and hypnosis if you have chronic anxiety.
~Bari K.

I referred my daughter to Karen to help her with her panic attacks. She is in graduate school and under a lot of strain, but her panic was getting in the way of her academics. I can’t believe how much better my daughter is doing with school social life and her overall demeanor is much more relaxed. Very impressed with hypnosis and Karen.
~Happy Mom

I came into see Karen because my anxiety was out of control. I would be fine and all of a sudden, I was having an anxiety attack and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I also had bad stomach aches that would get really bad when I felt stressed. Karen helped me so much. I felt better after each session and I learned how to relax myself when I start to feel any stress or panic. I haven’t had any recent attacks.
~Loribeth M.

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