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I help individuals facilitate positive change in all aspects of their lives through life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, nutrition, meditation and yoga.

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    personal development coach

    * KAREN DUBI *

    Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

    Life Coach, Mentor Masterclass

    Ayurveda Practitioner, AWP

    Board Certified Hypnotist, ICBCH

    Yoga Teacher/Mentor, E-RYT500,

    Registered Dietitian, RD

    Certified Adult Weight Management Program, CDR

    Holistic Nutritionist
    Precision Nutrition, PN

    Be Body Positive Facilitator
    Virtual Gastric Band Certified

    Obesity and Weight Management Specialist, CDC

    Life Assessment Quiz

    "Karen is an excellent coach. This experience has literally been a life-makeover. From my negative problem focused mindset, now I look for the best solutions. It is a pause and reflect moment of options in handling situations rather than explosively responding that I am aware of every single day. My morning routine, habits, relationship with food and myself has drastically changed. For the first time I’m comfortable being who I am. My relationships at work and socially have improved. Five stars to working with Karen. I continue to grow and evolve because her voice is in my head."
    do diets work - Karen Dubi - life coaching in Long Island NY
    ~ Shari C.
    "Karen is a very insightful coach. We do a grounding practice mind body soul at the start of our sessions and it immediately shifts my mood and sense of well-being. Her observations are spot on and she directs my attention to things I wasn’t even aware of. I have at least one or more a-ha moments during each session. I highly recommend Karen as a personal life coach. Over the months of working together, I learned a lot about myself. I developed strength and confidence and I feel more empowered to speak up for myself."
    do diets work - Karen Dubi - life coaching in Long Island NY
    ~ Christine L.

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