eat enriched

Eat What Nourishes Your Body
Do what Nourishes Your Soul
Think what nourishes Your Body

The healthiest diet is really a lifestyle approach to eating. One that fuels and balances your body and mind, and of course, it ought to be enjoyable.

The essence of EAT ENRICHED is a connection –an intimate relationship between the body and mind. It represents communication, paying close attention, and consciously listening to the interactions of your food choices and how it makes you feel.

Think about it – we need food every single day, in fact, multiple times a day! We eat for nourishment, emotional comfort, pleasure, social circumstances, stressful situations etc., and our minds serve as the internal food factory, feeding ourselves with all sorts of stories, experiences, beliefs, and conditions.

People tend to characterize food as good/bad; healthy/unhealthy or acceptable/unacceptable options – and a majority of the struggles with diet, nutrition and weight management stem from 2 common approaches: overindulgence and restriction/deprivation.

The food choices we make have the ability to direct, shape, and recreate our health.


Machines operate with precise input and output. When you fill your car with gas, you know more or less how far you can drive. Fortunately, our bodies are more complex and dynamic systems.

If food were merely serving as fuel, it would reduce our bodies to a machine, and us to calorie accountants. Thank goodness the human body is more intelligent than that, and YOU are more divine than that.

Food is packed with a deep meaning, information, and communication.

If you think about it, food tells a story. Think about all the occasions, social interactions, celebrations, and family gatherings – often surrounded by meals. Food transcends family lineage with recipes and hearty dishes passed on generationally.

Our dietary choices and every food decision we make send messages to our body – IF you are willing to listen!!


Every food has a unique nutrient density or nutrients per amount of food. Since we want to eat the right amount of food to support our needs, then ideally, we want to make sure to emphasize foods that are loaded with nutrients.

Typically, processed foods, boxed or canned and prepared foods, tend to have high calories, and few nutrients, which is called low-nutrient density.

On the other hand, whole foods, in their natural state are more plentiful of nutrients with few calories. This is called high-nutrient density.

We need nutrients to live and thrive. Nutrients help us to be as healthy as possible, perform at our best, and live long active and vibrant lives.

Does this mean that you can’t enjoy some decadent desires? Hardly! A better way to think about it would be to ADD more and more nutrient dense foods to your daily intake rather than focus on what you need to omit.


When you eat whole, nutrient-dense foods, you will feel like the best version of yourself. Good nutrition is about helping you FEEL better. Perform better. Look better. Live better. And just be better overall.

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