6 Week Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga


  • Start January 11th
  • Every Saturday 2:30-4:00pm
  • Medwell Spa Farmingdale
  • Pre-registration Required $179


Ashtanga is a structured style of vinyasa practice. The postures are practiced in a sequential order beginning with the first series called Primary Series.
Each posture (asana) is synchronized with breath and a gazing point which allows us to gain control of our senses and develop a deep awareness.

This method purifies and detoxifies the body, builds strength and stamina, steadies and calms the mind, and improves mobility of the muscles.

In this 6-week Ashtanga Program:

You will learn the building blocks of Ashtanga Yoga through the basic elements of breath, movement and energetics.
There will be a short discussion followed by a breakdown of postures, including alignment, proper entry and exit of the pose and appropriate modifications as well as refinement of the intricacies to ensure safe practice

The program will introduce the challenges and the simplicity of the Ashtanga Method. Karen makes the experience accessible to all levels of practitioner to participate. Her golden rule is that even though the Ashtanga Vinyasa is a preset sequence of postures, ultimately it must fit and accommodate each person rather than merely adapting to the criteria of the pose itself. The heart of YOGA must honor and respect the unique needs of every student.



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