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Be extraordinary at being you

by Karen Dubi
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The change process begins with you. Shift your actions and you will change your results.


Several ways we can work together

The best part of this is you get to choose how you do this.

1 Day Immersion

Be You

An excellent first step to clarify your vision and create your purpose. This is designed to empower you to go deep and reinvent yourself in the face of challenging circumstances and overcome habits, emotions and patterns that disrupt your productivity. It is an entry point to your journey in self-actualization. This is nothing new, this is who you are.

6 Month Coaching Program

Be Extraordinary

(3 Weekly Sessions Per Month)

This accelerator program builds upon the power of leverage. Stretch your imagination, see what is possible and acknowledge what you are capable of accomplishing. Ultimately, this is about overcoming the forces of inertia – your unexpressed potential showing up in one or more areas of life.

Curating new projects can be terrifying. Fears tend to feed the mind with doubt and uncertainties which creates all the excuses to justify why you can’t accomplish something. We all have them – excuses that is.

If you have been tolerating a level of dissatisfaction and overwhelm that stifles your personal growth and professional development, then this program is for you.

The best way to predict the future is to create it – You decide and live out your dream. Bring your vision back to the present and actualize it NOW.

We will identify the roadblocks and objections you’ve been repeating in your mind and create a series of flexible strategies to help you raise the standard of what you believe you are capable of.

Our work begins with the powerful words, “I believe in you.”
Throughout the coaching experience, you develop a greater bandwidth to manage your thoughts, behaviors, and as a result, you will confidently and powerfully say, “I believe in me.”

My goal is to help achieve what you want in a very effective way, in the shortest amount of time.

12 Month Coaching Program

Be Exponential

(3 Weekly Sessions Per Month)

This is a deep dive in coaching. In a world where most people give up too quickly, you have a bigger vision. You understand that success is not linear. Great coaching is cumulative –the integration work between the coaching sessions is where the exponential growth happens.

When you look back, it feels like a flatline with little or no progress. Look ahead it seems like an uphill, monumental feat. That is the sweet spot curve for exponential growth.

Extraordinary people envision beyond what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. Visualize the impossible and begin to see it as possible – this is how we challenge your mindset to BE EXPONENTIAL.

Whether you are a CEO, business owner, doctor, lawyer, athlete, or stay-at-home parent, each have a similar core desire: craving something better and a desire to create powerful results.

The heart of deep coaching is expanding your awareness, your decision making and the actions you take. Discover more passion and purpose than ever before and learn to thrive in the edgy intersection where scary and excitement coexist.

You become along the way. Self-awareness and emotional stability are the cornerstones for transformational growth.

3 Month Group Coaching

Be Academy

(Biweekly Sessions)
*Note: This program runs twice/year

This is a small group coaching format bringing together like-minded people – a showcase of talent, commitment and leadership. Communication is the heart and soul of effective leadership.

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” ~Confucius

This mastermind coaching group is your opportunity to show up, level up and step out of your comfort zone. Dare to be vulnerable – we get real about who we are, what we want, and how we express it to the world.

BIG dreams can sometimes feel lonely, especially when your friends, family and community encourage you to play small. It comes from a place of love. They want you to play it safe and not get hurt.

The more success, the lonelier it can feel. NOT IN THIS GROUP.

BE Academy is your mastermind group of support. We encourage and we challenge.
The realization that every failure is an opportunity to succeed.
Every breakthrough is a collective celebration.

Let’s play.


Karen Dubi


Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
Life Coach, Mentor Masterclass
Ayurveda Practitioner, AWP
Board Certified Hypnotist, ICBCH
Yoga Teacher/Mentor, E-RYT500,
Registered Dietitian, RD
Certified Adult Weight Management Program, CDR
Holistic Nutritionist
Precision Nutrition, PN
Be Body Positive Facilitator
Virtual Gastric Band Certified
Obesity and Weight Management Specialist, CDC


Any of the services I offer above I offer as keynotes as well.
Whether online or in person.

Karen’s Top Keynote Topics
  1. The BIG idea – Your purpose. Some call this your “why”
  2. Start with the end – Your outcome; goal; desired result
  3. Have a Plan – It’s not a wish. This is your strategy
  4. Power of momentum – Take massive action
  5. Flexible Mindset – Measure your progress. Reflect and review

Reboot to Excellence

Life can get pretty hectic as a staff manager and mother of 4 kids. I needed a reboot and to keep my sanity. Between the coaching sessions and the self-hypnosis that I learned from Karen, now I know that feeling of tension as it builds, and I can manage it before it peaks. I feel more balanced and at ease at work and at home. I feel much more in charge of my life and emotions. The greatest gift is that the people around me, including my kids like me better. I like me better.
~Jamie P.

Excellent Coach

Karen is an excellent coach. This experience has literally been a life-makeover. From my negative problem focused mindset, now I look for the best solutions. It is a pause and reflect moment of options in handling situations rather than explosively responding that I am aware of every single day. My morning routine, habits, relationship with food and myself has drastically changed. For the first time I’m comfortable being who I am. My relationships at work and socially have improved. Five stars to working with Karen. I continue to grow and evolve because her voice is in my head.
~Shari C.

Strength & Confidence

Karen is a very insightful coach. We do a grounding practice mind body soul at the start of our sessions and it immediately shifts my mood and sense of well-being. Her observations are spot on and she directs my attention to things I wasn’t even aware of. I have at least one or more a-ha moments during each session. I highly recommend Karen as a personal life coach. Over the months of working together, I learned a lot about myself. I developed strength and confidence and I feel more empowered to speak up for myself.
~ Christine L.

From Being Trapped to Freedom

I was in a lull with my life. Nothing terribly wrong, just not enjoying the days. I was operating like a mouse on a wheel just going through the motions. I was stuck in a career path that didn’t excite me and newly married with all the financial stresses. Karen helped me get clear on what I really wanted and the confidence to change directions. While it was deep and challenging, it paid off. We worked on different aspects of my life each session and developed a vision and plan. I am proud to announce the launch of my business. I have a sense of freedom and ease in my life. I wake up energized to work every day. Highly recommend life coaching and working with Karen.
~David L.

Real Game Changer

Coaching with Karen has been a real game changer for me. I am more productive with time and energy, my sales have taken off in the last 6 months, and I remembered that I actually love my job. I forgot for a while because I was completely stressed. I now spend less hours with better efficient quality time at the office and I feel less burned out. Karen has been a source of inspiration and has given me a renewed life.
~Mark M.
Karen Dubi mentor Long Island

We keep one another accountable to DO & BE the best versions of ourselves.

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