Despite best intentions to set goals and achieve them, most people find that the initial motivation fades away. The promise that “this time will be different” and relying on willpower tends to fizzle rather quickly.

Sound familiar?  You just need some help in finding effective ways to bring about those changes.

That’s where I come in:

Karen’s Flexible Mindset Strategies for Success

  1. The BIG idea – Your purpose. Some call this your “why”
  2. Start with the end – Your outcome; goal; desired result
  3. Have a Plan – It’s not a wish. This is your strategy
  4. Power of momentum – Take massive action
  5. Flexible Mindset – Measure your progress. Reflect and review

My goal is to help achieve what you want in a very effective way, in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s where YOU come in:

Your role is equally, if not more important than anything else.

The formula for any success is contingent upon 2 attributes:

  1. YOU are in the driver’s seat – you control your destination. I am like a GPS, assisting you in mapping out the coordinates to navigate toward the change you want.
  2. You don’t need to have all the answers, however, the true catalyst for any change the decision to do it.
Our work together requires your commitment to the process
The rewards will be significant and genuinely life changing
If you believe you deserve more, I will help you get it!


Board Certified Hypnotist, ICBCH
Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP NY
Life Coach, Mentor Masterclass
Ayurveda Practitioner, AWP
Yoga Teacher/Mentor, E-RYT500,
Registered Dietitian, RD
Certified Adult Weight Management Program, CDR
Holistic Nutritionist
Precision Nutrition, PN
Be Body Positive Facilitator
Virtual Gastric Band Certified
Obesity and Weight Management Specialist, CDC

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Here’s what people are saying:

“I came to see Karen for sleep issues, and not only am I sleeping better, but I also started yoga and breathing techniques to help me relax and I am feeling so much more refreshed and energized during the day and I learned a new way to transition into the evening to prepare myself physically and mentally for better sleep. Now I hit the pillow and I am sleeping like a baby.”
~Taylor P.

“Karen put my mind at ease from the start. I never did hypnosis before, so I was nervous at first, but when Karen explained the process and then we had our first session, I was amazed at how natural it felt. I left feeling inspired like I was floating with confidence. Thank you for a wonderful uplifting experience.”
~Kelly H.

“My husband and I always smoked together. I knew I wanted to stop smoking but it wasn’t so important to him. I was afraid to quit because I thought it would separate us. It was something we did together, almost like an activity. After working with Karen, I not only quit smoking, but I lost some weight, started exercising and learned better ways to connect with my husband. His turn to quit! I think he’s getting closer to take that step.
~Marisa K.

“Karen is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in working with individuals from various walks of life and is able to communicate with heartfelt integrity. Her guidance, gentle suggestions, and willingness to be of service are invaluable. When recommending a coach for personal development and performance, she’s the first person I think of.”
~Laura C.

“I have been coached by Karen for the past few months. It has been a wonderful experience and I have worked through some fears and anxieties wherein I can now manage with ease. Karen has a genuine care for and lovely way in her willingness to help me reach my goals. Thank you, Karen for your generosity, your kindness and your professionalism.”
~Cecile S.

“Karen has the ability to ask the right questions – the direct and simple questions. She gives you the time and allows you to come up with the answers yourself, which cut through your usual way of thinking in a non-critical or judgmental way, a safe space. When you work with Karen you will definitely experience change! Highly recommended.”
~Gibran R.

“Karen, your positive energy comes from a place of optimism. You have displayed the one that makes the difference to reach success in life. I admire your passion and dedication. You have set an exemplary standard in this field of work. You are an extraordinary person playing an essential role in making this world a better place by doing your part at best. Thank you for that. It’s because of people like you that I believe that this world will be a little better each day.”
~Julie S.

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