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Welcome to Fierce Femme, where purpose-driven women and fempreneurs transform their lives to achieve effortless high-cash months without the hustle mentality. I’m Karen Dubi, and I’m here to help you harness your power, trust your intuition, and unapologetically embrace your sovereign spirit and desires.

Discover Your Inner Fierce Femme

At Fierce Femme, I guide women to:

Take Bold Steps: Move beyond comfort zones to realize your full potential.
Trust Intuition: Make thoughtful decisions that align with your values and goals.
Embrace Sovereignty: Hold yourself to high standards and lead with confidence.

The Journey to Becoming

Developing impeccable awareness allows you to move beyond any limitations. Know that anything and everything you desire is possible and meant for you. This journey is about realizing your pure potentiality.


The Catalyst for Growth

Whether it’s personal or professional development, mindset work is essential. It’s about rewiring your beliefs for exponential growth. My mission is to help fempreneurs execute their missions with clarity and purpose.

Merge Craft and Business for Success

Years of honing my vocation taught me that business skills are just as crucial. To achieve high cash flow, you must integrate your craft and business seamlessly. Effort is required initially to make success feel effortless eventually. It’s about choosing easier ways to do business and upgrading your mindset throughout every iteration of success.

About Author

Karen Dubi

My husband calls me an enigma. I’m multi-layered, loving both hard classic rock and soft meditative music. I work out hardcore and cherish yoga and meditation. My personality is diverse—silly, funny, philosophical, and deep. I’m both patient and impatient, simple and extravagant. My diverse nature is my greatest asset, allowing me to connect with anyone, anywhere.

As a 6/3 in human design, I learn by trial and error and rise like a phoenix from challenges. I wrote "The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way" because I lived many years in my own way, making me relatable to many. I’m here to be a role model, sharing my experiences to help others transform their lives.

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Karen Dubi's Bestselling Book

The Art Of Getting Out of Your Own Way

My most recent book is a how-to guide for those feeling stuck and wanting more. Instead of searching for answers outside, this book emphasizes that change begins within. It provides tools to achieve your goals by fostering a growth mindset to overcome self-imposed barriers. Discover your potential for success and unlock strategies to reframe your approach. The inner-work formula combines mind, body, and spirit, requiring commitment and persistence for continuous transformation. Empower yourself to believe that you can empower yourself to take that step. It all comes down to a belief that you can.

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