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Develop unstoppable confidence.

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Hi, I am Karen!

I’ve always been motivated to explore the mindsets of the world’s greatest achievers to learn their secrets to success and living a fulfilled life. I remember watching Deepak Chopra on TV when I was 8 years old. He was the best kept secret at the time, and I was mesmerized by his voice, his words and his brilliance. I had no idea at the time how impactful he would be throughout my life. And so it began… a journey of personal growth and a continuum of transformation.

My personal pursuit: to expand people’s vision of wellness with a panoramic view that encompasses body, mind and soul.

My true purpose: to help people develop the skills to improve themselves and the resources they need to unlock their potential and impact the world.


Are you ready to elevate your career, wealth, health, relationships and become a high performer?

Most people will not go after what they want… they will go after what they think they can get.

Your thoughts and beliefs shape your world – and if you stay attached to that narrative, your story becomes your truth.

The way you see the world creates your world.

You get to choose.

You re-write your story of limitless possibilities.
You create your future.

The change process begins with you. Shift your actions and you will change your results.

What I offer

The best part of this is you get to choose how you do this.

Personal Coaching

Achieve success in every area of your life. Deep down inside you have something more to give and offer, but you are not sure how to step into that full power. You have goals and BIG dreams that almost seem impossible to actualize. Our work together is more than motivation and accountability. It’s believing in you. We go DEEP – we uncover what you want, access the resources you’ll need, and do whatever it takes to make it possible.

Group Coaching

When the caliber of the people you surround yourself with is elevated, everyone is lifted. The value of this program is “Together We Rise”. This peer group is designed to support one another, raise the bar and celebrate individual and collective growths.


Do you want to host a speaker that aligns with your values to make a positive impact in the world? Are you looking to create an unforgettable experience for your team or audience that will leave them feeling empowered and more connected, Mind-Body-Spirit?? Karen will be sure to inspire, educate, motivate, shake things up and make a difference.

Master your Mindset,
Achieve your version of success.

Why not you?
Why not now?
What is stopping you?

Don’t wait to be ready
Readiness is irrelevant.
Start before you FEEL ready

Sound familiar? You are not alone.

Now you are ready to take action

Reboot to Excellence

Life can get pretty hectic as a staff manager and mother of 4 kids. I needed a reboot and to keep my sanity. Between the coaching sessions and the self-hypnosis that I learned from Karen, now I know that feeling of tension as it builds, and I can manage it before it peaks. I feel more balanced and at ease at work and at home. I feel much more in charge of my life and emotions. The greatest gift is that the people around me, including my kids like me better. I like me better.
~Jamie P.

Excellent Coach

Karen is an excellent coach. This experience has literally been a life-makeover. From my negative problem focused mindset, now I look for the best solutions. It is a pause and reflect moment of options in handling situations rather than explosively responding that I am aware of every single day. My morning routine, habits, relationship with food and myself has drastically changed. For the first time I’m comfortable being who I am. My relationships at work and socially have improved. Five stars to working with Karen. I continue to grow and evolve because her voice is in my head.
~Shari C.

Strength & Confidence

Karen is a very insightful coach. We do a grounding practice mind body soul at the start of our sessions and it immediately shifts my mood and sense of well-being. Her observations are spot on and she directs my attention to things I wasn’t even aware of. I have at least one or more a-ha moments during each session. I highly recommend Karen as a personal life coach. Over the months of working together, I learned a lot about myself. I developed strength and confidence and I feel more empowered to speak up for myself.
~ Christine L.

From Being Trapped to Freedom

I was in a lull with my life. Nothing terribly wrong, just not enjoying the days. I was operating like a mouse on a wheel just going through the motions. I was stuck in a career path that didn’t excite me and newly married with all the financial stresses. Karen helped me get clear on what I really wanted and the confidence to change directions. While it was deep and challenging, it paid off. We worked on different aspects of my life each session and developed a vision and plan. I am proud to announce the launch of my business. I have a sense of freedom and ease in my life. I wake up energized to work every day. Highly recommend life coaching and working with Karen.
~David L.

Real Game Changer

Coaching with Karen has been a real game changer for me. I am more productive with time and energy, my sales have taken off in the last 6 months, and I remembered that I actually love my job. I forgot for a while because I was completely stressed. I now spend less hours with better efficient quality time at the office and I feel less burned out. Karen has been a source of inspiration and has given me a renewed life.
~Mark M.

You and I will get on a call/video chat and have a conversation together. You can vent, cry, share your dreams and struggles, and discuss whatever you like. I may ask you some questions too. My motive is to do the best I can to help you gain some clarity in the call and to provide you with a safe, no-judgment platform to express yourself and to be heard. If I feel confident that I can be of more help to you, we can talk about what it will look like for us to continue working together. Sound good?

Words I live by:


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