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Private coaching, exclusively with me is perfect for you if you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life. I’ll help you get clear on what you really want and give you step by step guidance to stand in your radiance and make valuable mindset changes to launch your 3 options for us to co-create


(includes worksheets and homework)

1 virtual session with me over the phone or Zoom Video & Web Conferencing.

Whether you’re creating a new offering, desiring a deeper connection to your personal or professional mission ‘n message, in need of an overall mind-body makeover, I’ve got you covered with this private 3-hour intensive session.

Virtual Session (or in-person, if proximity allows), allows us the time to dive right into your soulful intelligence and strategize a course of action that feels natural and intuitively aligned. Reflection and self-inquiry, infused with an action plan that will take you to the next level of your personal development.

Investment: $750

Coaching Sessions

(bi-weekly, 60 minute coaching sessions + follow-up notes; weekly email check-ins)

We begin with a sweet sentiment of gratitude. A grateful heart for what was, what currently is, and all that is coming, and we start to look back without judgment, using retrospection and pave the way to move ahead. We identify your core desires and create goals with intention in all aspects of your life so that you are super clear on your true feelings. 

Through our journey together, you will discover how to use the method of personal clarity to guide your decisions in terms of your health, lifestyle, relationships, professional career and development, and most certainly, in your spirit. 

A revolutionary approach in goal-setting from your heart while connecting to your inner beliefs and values about how you want to feel rather than merely pursuing a particular result. This is the key to living a more fulfilled and joyful life.

Investment: $1000

(2-month minimum investment)

Dharmic Path

(3 months, 12 weekly 60 minute coaching PLUS)

What you really get:

  • Each call will discuss specific action plans and focus on practical strategies to dive-deep. We will identify unanticipated “blind spots” and emphasize a solutions approach that works for you
  • Clarity, focus, accountability, and direction in your life with a deep sense of purpose (your dharma)
  • Daily practices, tools, rituals, routines, healthy lifestyle strategies, + an interactive journal activity/workbook, to create and declare your transformative shifts. These tools will serve as a continued source of inspiration and guidance for years to come.

Investment: $2760

(3-month minimum investment)

Yoga Services

Private Yoga Session


Whether you are new to the practice of yoga, or a seasoned practitioner, one-on-one sessions are geared to:

heal injuries through therapeutic application

adapt yoga practice to meet individuals’ needs

develop strength and flexibility

understand optimal alignment and how to safely execute postures that will support and enhance physical structure

develop skills in stress reduction

  • Single Session: $125

Semi-Private Yoga Session

Gather a friend(s) and create a yoga experience that is conductive to your schedule AND offer the benefit of personal attention to specific needs.

Nutrition Consultation

Ayurveda Initial Consultation


A detailed look into one’s health history, a pulse and tongue analysis, as well as a diet and lifestyle evaluation. Specific constitution and the nature of any imbalances will be determined. Based on the information, a detailed wellness plan will be provided which includes specific nutrition / dietary recommendations, Ayurvedic herbs, lifestyle routines and other therapeutic treatments that will benefit the management of health concerns.

  • 60 minute Assessment: $150

Follow-Up Appointments

  • 30 minute: $65 (within 3 months of Initial Appointment)

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